Why Choose Us

We can help you reach international markets and increase your market share at lightning speed.

Problems Our Clients Share


Months spent collecting regulatory intelligence from local authorities, regional teams, and external sources


Duplicate efforts by multiple members within one team


Excessive time spent manually updating data spread across multiple spreadsheets


Loss of knowledge due to employee turnover


Delays caused by the assessment of various deficiencies in a single response letter


Frustration caused by application rejection from regulatory authorities

3 Reasons to Choose RegDesk

1. Our platform will help drastically reduce your time to market.

The intelligence we provide eliminates your team’s need to spend excessive amount of time parsing through messy spreadsheets and compiling the registration requirements for several products in several markets. While other regulatory intelligence systems offer regulation summaries that are difficult to understand and unactionable, RegDesk DashTM provides requirement checklists for products of every class in any market around the world.

2. Our platform makes you the first to know about regulation changes happening across the globe.

Relying on newsletters, databases, webinars, and other disparate sources makes keeping track of the world’s ever-changing regulatory landscape a long and tedious process. Heaps of manual work can lead to the creation of errors that add even more time to the registration process. RegDesk AlertsTM automates this process and notifies you when a regulation change that will affect the products in your portfolio is in the pipeline.

3. Compliance experts, not tech gurus, have built the RegDesk platform.

Your internal teams provide regulatory know-how but lack the proper technology to adequately supplement it. Other intelligence systems offer technological support, but fail to supply comprehensive and practical compliance data. RegDesk is the perfect combination of regulatory expertise and technological innovation, regulatory affairs professionals who understand the intricacies of compliance are the creators of this platform. As a result, the system is not only technologically innovative and user-friendly, but it is packed with intelligence that is accurate and immediately actionable.