Reinventing RegulatoryTM

Get to market faster with our A.I.-powered regulatory intelligence and approval software.

RegDesk™ is the most innovative, efficient, and reliable regulatory intelligence and dossier preparation platform on the market. Using machine learning and crowdsourcing, RegDesk can deliver comprehensive, up-to-date information on product-specific regulations while avoiding manual processes and tedious spreadsheets.

Our medical regulatory company offers three unique solutions to expedite your device and drug approvals globally.

RegDesk Peer

Obtain instant access to the most up-to-date medical device regulations and actionable intelligence for over 100 markets worldwide.

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RegDesk Peer

Leverage our extensive network of over 4,000 vetted regulatory consultants to get verified answers to your most critical compliance questions.

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RegDesk Alerts

Monitor global regulatory changes in real-time to avoid risky surprises.

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We can help you expand to any market in the world.

Medical device and pharmaceutical companies spend months gathering intelligence from disparate sources and preparing product registration submissions, oftentimes only to be rejected by health authorities. RegDeskTM as medical regulatory company solves that problem.


Coverage of over 100 markets and management assistance for product approvals in each and every one


Utilization of artificial intelligence to deliver the most valuable and updated regulatory insights


Constant monitoring of global regulatory changes


Use of crowdsourcing to find answers to the most pressing regulatory questions


Instant access to accurate and competitive regulatory intelligence


Reduce time to market and risk levels to provide advantages over competitors

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Medical Device Industry

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Pharmaceutical Industry

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Medical Device Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

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